Free From Fridays – 21st May 2015

The sun is shining and it’s an uplifting end to a week which started off with a bit of disappointing news. We visited hospital on Monday so that J could do his baked egg challenge but unfortunately he failed after 1/4 muffin.

In good news I got to make these delicious dairy free muffins for the challenge and had to finish off the batch! I’m now 32 weeks pregnant and beginning to slow down a bit, especially when chasing after a two year old, so craving sugar a lot.


Last week I really liked the look of these Banana and Date Flapjacks from Free From Fairy and enjoyed eating them for breakfast. My  Labrador also thought they looked tasty though and ate through the plastic container to reach them while I was out!


I also thought this Slow Roast Gammon from Most Marvellous Baking looked delicious. Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the great recipes that we can enjoy without any special ingredients or adaptations.

How to join in #Freefromfridays

      1. Write a new blog post including the Free From Fridays badge or add it an existing recipe (Just copy the code below the image and paste it on your page)
      2. Add your post to the linky form by using the ‘Add your link’ button
      3.  Leave a comment below and visit at least 2 other recipes to comment on
      4. Tweet your link to @freefromfarm using hashtag #freefromfridays so I can spread the word!Free From Farmhouse

        It would be useful if you can label the main allergens your dishes are free from in the linky title to help others search suitable recipes.

        DF: Dairy Free

        EF: Egg Free

        GF: Gluten Free

        SyF: Soya Free

        SF: Sesame Free

        NF: Nut free

        PF: Peanut free

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  1. Kyra says:

    Hi Emma, I hope you are enjoying the last trimester…I miss being pregnant! I’ve just shared a portable vegan picnic salad…it’s a creamy potato salad stuffed into a loaf of bread :) Have a great week!

    • Emma says:

      It’s hitting me a bit more than last time but I do love feeling the baby move and I’m sure I’ll miss it as I don’t plan to do it again. Thanks for sharing your recipe, what a great idea. I love picnics!

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